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I AM Beginnings

Our Mission

The I AM Foundation began with a need to lead, encourage, and motivate at-risk youth and students in underserved communities to see themselves greater than their circumstances. It has now evolved into the development of communities and a progressive mindset of abundance in the world. 

Our mission focuses on the overall development of students’ minds. We believe the best way to develop a student’s true abundant mindset is to develop their present, so their future is one to live for.

We stand and fight because each student is worth it, enough, determined and is more than capable to exceed mental and external limitations. Our mission is rooted in the belief that to fully see a seed grow you must nurture its identity.

Our History

Birthed in the halls of the Frederick Douglass Academy in 2014, the I AM Foundation came from a cry out of non-acceptance; not believing that life can only be seen through a lens of circumstantial realism.

The foundation was started by a young man whose heart and determination drove him to lead, encourage and motivate students to see themselves greater than their circumstances. He would not allow his shortcomings to be his future output.

The foundation progressed into mentorship programs in high schools across the state of New York in 2017, then transposed to awarding student scholarships in colleges and universities by 2020.

The I AM Foundation was curated by the beliefs of internal appreciation for who you are and for Whose you are. It is guided by our understanding that: You are Enough. You are Worth It. You are Important. And You Can Do It! We help individuals take control of their circumstances mentally and work physically to nurture the gifts planted inside of them.

Connect With Us

Support us in this fight to give the students of tomorrow a chance to walk into their purpose through the door of their dreams.